Fundraising for Education


The Fund Raising Project Team has formed in August 2010 with the mission to initiate fundraising activity and to help the organization to create a pipeline for allowing online donation via UIMA website.


The objectives of the fund raising project are to generate funds to support the following activities.

  1. To disburse bursary to needy students
  2. To setup the new childcare centre targeted to help low income and dysfunctional families.

Proposed Fund Raising Campaign

There are four fund raising campaigns initiated to meet the target. There are as follow:

  1. Cash sponsorship from the Corporation through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program.

    The fundraising team will contact the corporations via cold calling and emailing to request for cash sponsorship through the corporate social responsibility program. We’ll also invite the sponsors to attend the bursary disbursement ceremony to present the awards to the recipients. If you are interested in exploring how your company can get involved with UIMA, please click here.

  2. Cash donation from Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) or individual via GIVE website. 

    We are targeting on SME and individual who is internet savvy and willing to give donations through the internet. Donor can make contribution on GIVE website by eNET Direct Debit. To start donating, click here.

  3. Product sponsorship from the donor and reselling it via online portal partner

    Our fundraising team will source for products sponsorship from corporations or individuals. We’ll then convert them into cash via online sales. We are collaborating with by leveraging their existing online platform to sell the donated items. The online portal will provide the electronic marketing, online publicity for the sponsors, e-commerce platform and sale transaction with the buyer via paypal. To participate in our fundraising campaign, click here.

  4. Individual fund raiser homepage via GIVE website

    You have passion for the less advantaged. You want to champion a specific cause. Now, all you have to do is create your charity page to pass the message of caring and sharing. Start your own online fund-raising homepage and gather support from your friends. To register, click here.

To proceed to donations, please click here.