Reverse Responsive Webinar

  • "Reverse Responsive" Mobile Websites

    Watch The Demo Replay of brick&mobile's ALL NEW “Reverse Responsive” Mobile CMS Platform Upgrade

    Agenda Includes:

    • Introduction
    • (4:50) Traditional “Responsive Websites” - why all the hype?
    • (24:51) Introduction to “Reverse Responsive” mobile web design and why it’s the future of the web
    • (32:13) Live demo of our NEW “Reverse Responsive” Mobile CMS platform upgrade
    • (42:00) Reveal our new strategy of how to sell mobile sites that produce massive results
    • (45:15) FREE access to all new Mobile CMS features instantly, including our new WYSIWYG theme designer
    • (52:50) Live Q&A

    What is Reverse Responsive? “Reverse Responsive" Web Design (RRWD) is the concept of building a website for a MOBILE FIRST user experience but also seamlessly adapting to larger tablet and desktop screen

    brick&mobile Reverse Responsive Benefits

    • Built for a mobile first experience
    • Super simple to implement
    • No complicated coding required
    • Have one website that looks amazing on both mobile and desktop
    • Optimized for mobile conversions

    Best of all… we've seamlessly built our new "Reverse Responsive" technology right into our Mobile CMS Website Builder at NO EXTRA CHARGE! Read more about Reverse Responsive Website Design on our blog.


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