Easy Maintenance

  • Easy to maintain

    Multi language and regional Settings

    Launch your mobile sites in any language. Our platform was also translated into over 15 languages with regional settings.

    Duplicate sites in a few clicks

    Push button mobile site duplication will allow you to build and deploy templates which can be used to build multiple mobile websites quickly and efficiently.

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    Integrates with Google Adsense

    Monetize your mobile sites by displaying Google banner ads. Simply copy and paste your Adsense code and your banner advertisements will display instantly on your mobile website.

    Password protect your mobile sites

    Lock down your mobile sites with a secure password that will limit access for public visitors. Perfect for client demos and confidential information.

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    Generate QR codes with ease

    Push a button to generate a QR code that you can use to help drive traffic to your mobile website

    Sell stuff online with mCommerce

    Sell products right on a mobile device using PayPal and Google Checkout.

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