Mobile Apocolypse Part 2

  • With D-day fast approaching, let’s get ready for the inevitable. As promised, I've put together your Mobile Apocalypse Survival Toolkit. This has everything you need to get your clients' and your prospects’ websites primed and ready to survive the huge change in Google’s algorithm ranking signal; which will start on April 21st, 2015. We covered it in Part 1-Mobile Apocalypse Are You Ready?, but here's a quick recap: Google’s NEW ranking factors will determine if your client’s site is considered “mobile friendly” and their mobile friendliness will now decide where they rank in the search results on all smartphones. Google will be favoring mobile optimized websites on mobile searches, done anywhere: in any language, in any country in the world. With theses changes in effect; websites that are not mobile-optimized will be penalized on Google’s mobile searches and rank very low, if at all. This will result in a major loss of traffic to your client’s websites if not optimized for mobile, which means less business and of course less money for your clients; NOT GOOD. So now more than ever before, it is crucial to have your client’s websites: mobile optimized. Great thing about this is; using our, tried and tested mobile web tools, you will be able to build and sell more mobile websites than ever before, meaning more money for your clients and you; VERY GOOD. So without further adieu,

    HERE’S YOUR SURVIVAL TOOLKIT: It’s easy, it’s foolproof. Just follow these four simple steps to success! Start with identifying the problem, check your current sites for "mobile friendliness". The easiest way to go about the analyzing process is to...Click Here:


    WHAT IT IS:  This is Google’s tool; It will check any website to see how “mobile -friendly” it is and will give you a Green=Pass or a Red=Fail, and it will tell you why!

    HOW IT CAN HELP:   Drop your url in the space provided and click on “Analyse’. It only takes a few seconds but once complete, you will get an in depth analysis on why your client’s page is not “mobile friendly”. This tool will tell exactly what is wrong with your client’s website and why it can’t be read on a mobile devices. Here’s an example of what you don’t want: bad result website test The following is the result that you want for all of your mobile websites, as of April 21st or they will be penalized and not rank in Google’s mobile searches:

    Green=pass Now that the first step is done and you know who’s ready and who’s not; your next step is taking over your local market for mobile website development. This tool will allow you to quickly identify local prospects that are in desperate need to optimize their websites before the Mobile Apocalypse D-day, April 21st. Introducing the...


    WHAT IT IS: This is advanced software, but you don’t need to be a “techie” to use it; It’s simple, easy and fun. Don’t waste your time with out-dated lists or searching Google the “old-fashioned way”, Mobile Lead Monster will generate the latest local business data available using multiple up to date sources such as: Google site search, Google maps, Google+Local and Yellow Pages, all combined in this user-friendly software.You can generate unlimited local leads with a lifetime license and no monthly fees! Can we say: Win-Win?


    • Mobile Lead Monster will help you easily identify if a business has a website and if it is mobile optimized
    • You will also get information such as: Business name, address, business description, phone number, website, email, and address of any business anywhere in the world
    • You can send emails directly from Mobile Lead Monster, and even design your own email templates with only a few clicks of your mouse
    • You can easily export these leads in csv or txt format to stay organized and on top of your game, pretty awesome-right?

    Now that you have your local business area covered; You can provide solutions to those in need of a mobile optimized site and get them hooked when you show them a sample of a beautifully designed mobile optimized website that is clean, user friendly and most importantly will rank well with the Google mobile search changes, check this out...

    3. MOBIDEMOPRO WHAT IT IS: This is an Exclusive product developed for successfully selling mobile websites locally. This is the tool you need to educate potential clients on mobile websites, and why it is so important now more than ever before to have a mobile optimized website. As we know, it’s because of the fast approaching Google changes on April 21st: Mobile Apocalypse D-day! Your MobiDemoPro tool will be your best friend and here’s why...


    • This will help you “seal the deal” by giving you a “before and after preview” of the website to showcase to business owners, this works for any type of  business
    • Simply show them what their website looks like right now on your smartphone (Not so good)
    • Then use your MobiDemo Pro to show them what their new, improved “mobile-friendly” website will look like! (Very good)
    • You can create your own leads and mobile sales campaigns with this tool...and much more!

    Here’s an example of the ”before and after” viewer:

    MDP_screenshotNow that you've told your local prospects about the impending Mobile Apocalypse and have used your MobiDemoPro tool to convert those in need of a mobile-optimized website into Sales, you have to get to work on creating these Google mobile-search friendly sites. Don’t worry, we've got you covered with our patented Mobile CMS (mobile website builder). It’s all ready to go; This is your last tool in your Mobile Apocalypse Survival Toolkit.

    4. MOBILE CMS WHAT IT IS: This is your secret weapon for designing premium mobile websites for any business, in a matter of minutes. We give you everything you need to build mobile websites that are guaranteed to be Google search-friendly, and will rank well in local mobile search results. HOW IT CAN HELP:

    • Quickly and easily create stunning and professional mobile websites that get ranked on mobile search results
    • Build mobile websites that are guaranteed to work on ALL smartphones
    • Sell mobile website for more by integrating our cutting edge features
    • We will give you all of the support, training and marketing tools that you need to grow your successful mobile website business

    YOU SAVED THE DAYDon’t wait to get started, the Mobile Apocalypse has begun! You can be the victor in the Mobile Apocalypse with your patented, tried and tested, fully-functional Mobile Apocalypse Survival Toolkit. With D-day,April 21st, just around the corner, you and your clients will be thankful that you are now fully equipped. Stay tuned to Part 3, Mobile Apocalypse D-day, we will give you an exclusive invite to a training webinar with Kevin Z who will explain how to maximize your selling potential because of these changes that Google is making to mobile searches worldwide.

    Have Questions about the products listed in the Mobile Apocalypse Toolkit? Get in touch with our Sales Team that are standing by 24/7 for you.